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The 19th Symposium on Trace Nutrients Research(2002)
: Special Session

Theme Reporter Position P
Special Session
Nutrition Delivery System - A New Concept of Iron Fortification in Foods -

Trace Nutrients Research 19F1-10(2002)
Lekh Raj Juneja, Noboru Sakaguchi Nutritional Foods Division Taiyo Kagaku Co., Ltd. Japan 1-


NO Theme Reporter Position ‚o
‚P Evaluation of absorption processes of vanadium compounds by ESR
Trace Nutrients Research 19F11-14(2002)
Jun Fugono, Hiroyuki Yasui, and Hiromu Sakurai Dep. of Analytical and Bioinorganic Chemistry, Kyoto Pharmaceutical Univ. 11-
‚QRole of NifS homologs in selenium metabolism
Trace Nutrients Research 19F15-18(2002)
Hisaaki Mihara(1),
Shin-ichiro Kato(1),
Gerard M. Lacourciere(2),
Thressa C. Stadtman(2),
Tatsuo Kurihara(1),
Umechiyo Tokumoto(3),
Yasuhiro Takahashi(3),
and Nobuyoshi Esaki(1)
(1)Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University
(2)Laboratory of Biochemistry, NHLBI, National Institutes of Health
(3)Department of Biology, Graduate School of Science, Osaka University
‚REffect of iron and aluminum on growth of unicellular eukaryote Euglena gracilis Z
Trace Nutrients Research 19F19-22(2002)
Chie Higashio(1),
Masahiro Kohno(2),
Tetsuya Suzuki(1)
(1) Graduate School of Fisheries Science, Hokkaido University
(2) Department of Environmental Systems Engineering, Kochi University of Technology
‚SComparative study on the growth inhibition and metabolism of sodium arsenite in Euglena gracilis strains Z and SMZ
Trace Nutrients Research 19F23-26(2002)
Akiko Suzuki (1),
Toshikazu Kaise(2),
Masumi Watanabe(1)
and Tetsuya Suzuki(1)
(1) Graduate School of Fisheries Science, Hokkaido University
(2) Department of Environmental Systems Engineering, Kochi University of Technology
‚TArsenic Metabolites Excreted into the Human Urine after Hijiki Intake(Summary) Masayuki Katayama(1),
Yohko Sugawa-Katayama(2),
Chie Sakiyama(2),
Yukie Kouya(2),
Chiduru Furukawa(2)
and Ken'ichi Hanaoka(3)
(1)Osaka Prefecture University
(2)Department of Human Health Science, Graduate School of Human Environment Sciences, Fukuoka Women's University
(3)Department of Food Science and Technology, National Fisheries University
‚U The reproductive toxicity of organotin on the mammalian species
Trace Nutrients Research 19F35-38(2002)
Hirofumi T. Suzuki,
Yasuko Otani,
Chiharu Ono,
Nao Murayama,
Chikako Yamaguchi,
Maiko Kuroda,
Rieko Oba,
Yasuaki Arakawa
Department of Hygiene • Preventive Medicine,@Faculty of Health Science, The University of Shizuoka 35-
‚V Effects of low level tributyltin chloride on DNA in Euglena gracilis Z and SMZ strains
Trace Nutrients Research 19F39-42(2002)
Tomo Kawamura(1),
Takahiko Higasa(2),
Mikio Fujioka (3),
Mari Ohta(1),
Masumi Watanabe(1)
and Tetsuya Suzuki(1)
(1) Hokkaido University, Graduate School of Fisheries Science
(2) Kyoto University, Graduate School of Agricultural Science
(3) Kyoto University, Graduate School of Medical Science
‚W Characteristics of Zinc-rich Fraction Prepared from Oyster
Trace Nutrients Research 19F43-46(2002)
Munehiro Yoshida(1),
Noboru Hirata(1),
Sachiko Kitani(1),
Yoshikazu Matsuda(2)
(1) Laboratory of Food and Nutritional Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Kansai University
(2) Japan Clinic Co.,Kyoto,Japan
‚X Suppression of UVA-induced skin damage by topical application of zinc(II) chloride -In vivo real-time chemiluminescent assay-
Trace Nutrients Research 19F47-50(2002)
Hiroyuki Yasui and Hiromu Sakurai Department of Analytical and Bioinorganic Chemistry, Kyoto Pharmaceutical University 47-
10 Influence of NaFeEDTA and ferrous sulfate on the absorption of trace elements in rats everted intestinal segments
Trace Nutrients Research 19F51-54(2002)
Kaori Igarashi(1,2),
Yukiko Nakanishi(1),
Rieko Hirunuma(2),
Shuichi Emoto(2),
Shuichi Kimura(1)
(1) Graduate School of Human Life Sciences, Showa Womenfs University
11 Preparation and characterization of antibody against glycyl-L-histidyl-L-lysine-copper (II) complex
Trace Nutrients Research 19F55-58(2002)
Takaji Sato,
Tomoko Haraguchi,
Yoshihiro Saito
and Masahiko Chikuma
Osaka University of Pharmaceutical Sciences 55-
12 Dietary Intakes of Folate In Young Women
Trace Nutrients Research 19F59-66(2002)
Kazu Suzuki(1),
Yuuko Higasine(2),
Yosiko Itou(3),
Yukiko Yamada(1),
Sakiyo Koseki(1),
Toyoko Okuda(4)
(1)Seibo Jogakuin Juniror College
(2)Osaka Shoin Women's College
(3)Osaka Aoyama Juniror College
(4)Osaka Kyoiku Universit‚™
13 Gender differences in Vitamin K of rat plasma and brain
Trace Nutrients Research 19F67-70(2002)
Atsuko Takeda(1,2), Hidekazu Hiraike (1,3), Naoki Hatsuda(3), Natsumi Ueno(1), Masayo Imanishi(1), Ryuji Takeda(1), Takahisa Takeda(1,3), Hiroshi Tamai(2), Mieko Kimura(1,3) (1)Takeda Research Institute of Life Science
(2)Osaka Medical College
(3)Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University
14 Change of free amino acid and mineral contents during the maturation of Murasakizukin, immature black soybean.
Trace Nutrients Research 19F71-78(2002)
Onkoo Rhee(1),
Takeshi Kawai(2),
Hideki Tsuboi(3),
Masao Wada(1),
Kenji Sato(1),
Takahisa Minamide(1),
Kimiko Ohtani(1)
(1)Department of Food Sciences and Nutritional Health, Kyoto Prefectural University
(2) Kyoto Prefectural Agricultural Research Institute
(3)Hitachi Science Systems. Ltd.
15 Antioxidant action of xanthurenic acid : Inhibition of lipid peroxidation and protection for NADP-isocitrate dehydrogenase
Trace Nutrients Research 19F77-82(2002)
Keiko Murakami, Toshiko Makino, Miyako Haneda and Masataka Yoshino Department of Biochemistry, Aichi Medical University School of Medicine 77-
16 Zinc-containing Thermostable Alcohol Dehydrogenase with Low Substrate Specificity, and Aldehyde Dehydrogenase from Psychrophile, Cytophaga sp. KUC-1: Characterization and Application to Alcohol Determination
Trace Nutrients Research 19F83-86(2002)
Takayuki Kazuoka,
Ikuo Muraoka,
Yoshihiro Yoshida,
Noriyuki Kanzawa,
Noriaki Arakawa,
Tadao Oikawa
and Kenji Soda
Faculty of Engineering, Kansai University 83-

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