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Theme Arsenic Metabolites Excreted into the Human Urine after Hijiki Intake
Reporter Masayuki Katayama(1), Yohko Sugawa-Katayama(2), Chie Sakiyama(2), Yukie Kouya(2), Chiduru Furukawa(2) and Ken'ichi Hanaoka(3)
Position (1)Osaka Prefecture University
(2)Department of Human Health Science, Graduate School of Human Environment Sciences, Fukuoka Women's University
(3)Department of Food Science and Technology, National Fisheries University
Volume The 19th Symposium on Trace Nutrients Research(2002)
P p.27-33

We intended to investigate effects of Hijiki intake on biochemical modification of the arsenic ingested by the human body. The 24 hour-urine was collected either before or after starting the Hijiki-diet, and urinary arsenic components were analyzed with an HPLC/ICP-MS instrument. Some differences in the urinary arsenic components were observed between before and after starting the Hijiki diet, but the differences were not the same in each individual, probably owing to different physiological or biochemical conditions.

Keywords: Arsenic metabolism, Hizikia fusiforme Okam., Human urine, Arsenite, HPLC/ICP-MS analysis, Neutron activation analysis, Methylarsonic acid, Dimethylarsinic acid, Arsenobetaine.

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