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The 20th Symposium on Trace Nutrients Research(2003)
: Special Session

Theme Reporter Position P
Functional Foods
|View on the International Status of the Research|

Trace Nutrients Research 20F1-4(2003)
Soichi ARAI Faculty of Applied Biological Science, Tokyo University of Agriculture 1-
@ @


NO Theme Reporter Position ‚o
‚P Pharmacokinetic study on gastrointestinal absorption and disposition in the blood of 48vanadium and 65zinc in healthy rats using radiotracer method
Trace Nutrients Research 20F5-8(2003)
Hiroyuki Yasui(1),
Yusuke Adachi(1),
Jun Fugono(1),
Hiromitsu Haba(2),
Akihiro Nakayama(2),
Rieko Hirunuma(2),
Shuichi Enomoto(2)
and Hiromu Sakurai(1)
(1) Department of Analytical and Bioinorganic Chemistry, Kyoto Pharmaceutical University
(2) Cyclotron Center, RIKEN
‚Q Effect of resupplying zinc in zinc-deficient rats
Trace Nutrients Research 20F9-12(2003)
Makoto NODERA, Hiroyuki YANAGISAWA Department of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine, Saitama Medical Scool 9-
‚REvaluation of in vivo acute thymus-toxicity of an inorganic arsenical using murine models
Trace Nutrients Research 20F13-16(2003)
Teruaki SAKURAI,
and Kitao FUZIWARA
Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry, School of Life Science, Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Science 13-
‚SAre magnesium and calcium concentrations in bone of female rats higher than that in male rats? -A study on Spontaneously Obese Rat (Minko Rat) with abnormal lipid metabolism (17)
Trace Nutrients Research 20F17-22(2003)
Ryuji Takeda(1,2),
Takashi Nakamura(1),
Madoka Ishida(2),
Masayo Imanishi(2),
Takahisa Takeda(2),
Mieko Kimura(2)
(1) Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University
(2) Takeda Research Institute@of Life Science
‚TDigestibility of Zinc Contained in Oysters
Trace Nutrients Research 20F23-26(2003)
Munehiro YOSHIDA(1)
Natsumi SUMIDA(1),
Yoshikazu MATSUDA(2),
(1)Laboratory of Food and Nutritional Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Kansai University
(2)Japan Clinic Co.
‚U Metal-induced histomorphological injury and the alterations in the amounts and proportion of unsaturated disaccharides of glycosaminoglycan derived from proteoglycan
Trace Nutrients Research 20F27-32(2003)
Yasuaki Arakawa(1),
Kanako Nishimura(1)
and Toshio Imanari(2)
(1)Department of Hygiene & Preventive Medicine, Faculty of Health Science, The University of Shizuoka
(2)Department of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science, The University of Chiba
‚V A Polyphenol compound, Rutin suppresses Ultraviolet and Methylviologen-induced Oxidative Cellular Damage on Achlorophyllous Unicellular Eukaryote, Euglena gracilis SMZ
Trace Nutrients Research 20F33-38(2003)
Helen Palmer,
Mari Ohta, Masumi Watanabe
and Tetsuya Suzuki
Laboratory of Food Wholesomeness, Department of Life Sciences, Graduate School of Fisheries Science, Hokkaido University 33-
‚W Structure and Bioactivity of β-1,6-Glucan of Agaricus blazei
Trace Nutrients Research 20F39-48(2003)
Akira MISAKI(1),
Shinji MIYABE(2)
and Mariko KAKUTA(3)
(1)Osaka City University
(3)Konan Womens University
‚X Inhibitory effects of taurine on platelet-derived growth factor-BB@(PDGF-BB) signaling in rat vascular smooth muscle cells
Trace Nutrients Research 20F49-54(2003)
Masaharu TERASHIMA(2),
and Keisuke IMADA(3)
(1)Department of Food and Health Sciences, Jissen Women's University
(2)Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, Shimane Medical University
(3)Self Medication Laboratories, Taisho Pharmaceutical Co.
10 Effects of Dietary Vitamin B12 Deficiency on Spermatogenesis during Early Developmental Period in Male Rats
Trace Nutrients Research 20F55-60(2003)
Toshiaki WATANABE(1),
Kunihiko MAEDA(2),
Yoshitaka WATANABE(3),
Syuhei EBARA(4)
and Yoshihisa NAKANO(4)
(1)Department of Food Environment Analysis, School of Humanities for Environmental Policy and Technology, Himeji Institute of Technology
(2)Departnient of Pathology, Yamagata University School of Medicine
(3)Department of Chemistry, Ibaraki College of Technology
(4)(5)Department of Applied Biological Chemistry, University of Osaka Prefectur
11 Comparison of ascorbate content in hatchery-reared and wild black sea bream, Acanthopagrus schlegeli (Pisces)
Trace Nutrients Research 20F61-66(2003)
Hong JI,
Ahmad Daud OM,
Tetsuya UMINO,

Graduate School of Biosphere Science, Hiroshima University 61-
12 Role of Reducing Activity in the Antioxidant Action of Tocopherol
Trace Nutrients Research 20F67-72(2003)
Keiko Murakami, Masae Itoh and Masataka Yoshino

Department of Biochemistry, Aichi Medical University School of Medicine 67-
13Distribution of Accumulated Arsenic in the Seaweed Hijiki, Sargassum fusiforme (Harvey) Setchell (5)
Trace Nutrients Research 20F73-80(2003)
Masayuki KATAYAMA(2),
and Yukihiro NAKANO(3)

(1) Department of Human Health Science, Graduate School of Human Environment Sciences, Fukuoka Women's University
(2) Osaka Prefecture University
(3) Research Reactor Institute, Kyoto University
14Pre-illness mineral intake tendency of Crohn disease
Trace Nutrients Research 20F81-84(2003)
Naomasa Sakamoto(1),
Takashi Shimoyama (1),
Kenji Wakai 2),
Keiko Saito(3),
Torao Tanaka(3),
Masakazu Takazoe(3)
, Suminori Kono (4),
Yoshihiro Miyake(5),
Kazusi Okamoto (6)
Gen Kobasi (7),
Masakazu Washio (8),
Tetsuji Yokoyama (9),
Chigusa Date (10),
Satosi Sasaki(11),
Heizo Tanaka(11),
Yutaka Inaba (12)
(1) Hyogo College of Medicine,
(2) Aich Cancer research center,
(3) Social Insurance Central General Hospital ,
(4) Kyushu University Graduate School of Medicine ,
(5) Kinki University School of Medicine,
(6) Aichi Prefectural College of Nursing & Health,
(7) Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine,
(8) Sapporo Medical University,
(9) National Institute of Public Health,
(10) Mukogawa Womenfs University,
(11) National Institute of Health and Nutrition,
(12) Juntendo University School of Medicine,
Importance of Metal Binding to DNA on Regulation of Gene Expression
Trace Nutrients Research 20F85-88(2003)

Riichi Tawa,
Hiromu Sakurai
Department of Analytical and Bioinorganic Chemistry Kyoto Pharmaceutical University 85-
Changes in trace element balances in the Breath of Hypertensives
Trace Nutrients Research 20F89-96(2003)

Yasuaki Arakawa(1),
Takayoshi Endo(2),
Sayoko Ohmori(3),
Harunobu Nakashima(4),
Takayuki Takeuchi(5)
and@Yukihiro Nakano(5)
(1)Department of Hygiene & Preventive Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences, The @University of Shizuoka.
(2)Meditopia Numazu.
(3)Ohzuma Women University.
(4)Osaka Prefectural Institute of Public Health.
(5)Research Reactor Institute, Kyoto University.
Availability of plum-vinegar (umezu) calcium in rats
Trace Nutrients Research 20F97-100(2003)

Satoshi Takasugi,
Hideyuki Omori,
Tohru Matsui
and Hideo Yano
Division of Applied Biosciences, Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University 97-
Insulinomimetic Zinc(II) complexes with maltol Derivatives
Trace Nutrients Research 20F101-104(2003)

Yusuke Adachi1),
Jiro Yoshida2),
Yukihiro Kodera2),
Akira Katoh3),
Hiromu Sakurai1)
Department Analytical and Bioinorganic Chemistry, Kyoto Pharmaceutical University
2)Healthcare Institute, Wakunaga Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
3)Department of Applied Chemistry, faculty of Engineering, Seikei University
Studies on Cyclic Feed Intake and Serotonin in Zinc Deficient Rats
Trace Nutrients Research 20F105-108(2003)

Daisuke Sato, FumikoYano
School of Biology-Oriented Science and Technology, Kinki University
Efficacy of NaFeEDTA for improving iron deficiency
Trace Nutrients Research 20F109-112(2003)

Kaori IGARASHI(1),
Yukiko NAKANISHI(2),
Rieko HIRUNUMA(1),
Shuichi ENOMOTO(1),
Shuichi KIMURA(2)
(1) RIKEN (Institute of Physical and Chemical Research),
(2) Graduate School of Human Life Sciences, Showa Womenfs University
Reactivity to Reactive Oxygen Species, DNA-binding Activity, and DNA-cleaving Activity of Various Metal Containing Metallothionein I and II
Trace Nutrients Research 20F113-116(2003)

Akihiro Nakayama(1),
Rieko Hirunuma(1),
Shuichi Enomoto(1),
and Hiromu Sakurai(2)
(1) Cyclotron center, RIKEN
(2) Department of Analytical and Bioinorganic Chemistry, Kyoto Pharmaceutical University
Identification of Chemical Species of Selenium Contained in Dark Muscle of Tuna
Trace Nutrients Research 20F117-120(2003)

Munehiro YOSHIDA,
Mariko KONDO
Department of Biotechnology, Faculty of Engineering,Kansai University
D-Amino Acid in Food:Determination and Its possibility to micronutrient
Trace Nutrients Research 20F121-124(2003)

Tadao Oikawa(1)(2),
Takashi Yamada(1),
Yuki Sugihara(1),
Tomoko Miyata(1),
Munehiro Yoshida(1)(2)
and Kenji Soda(3)
1)Department of Biotechnology Faculty of Engineering,Kansai University
2)Kansai University High Technology Research Center
Involvement of vanilloid receptor on capsaicin-induced ROS production in PC12
Trace Nutrients Research 20F125-130(2003)

Shanlou QIAO,
Weihua LI,
and Masataka YOSHINO
Department of Biochemistry, Aichi Medical University School of Medicine
Screening and partial purification of substances in some sea weeds which exert growth-suppressing action against mouse transformed fibroblasts
Trace Nutrients Research 20F131-138(2003)

Thang Jun Hang2),
Mamiko inoue1),
Yuki Uzawa1)
and Yukio Kawamura1)2)
1)Dept. of Food Science and Nutrition, School of Agriculture
2)Dept. of Applied Life Chemistry, Graduate School of Agriculture Kinki University

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