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Proceedings The 14th Symposium on Trace Nutrients Research(1997)
Kyoto, May, 20, 1997

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Trace Nutrients Research 14:1-6(1997)

上野川修一 東京大学大学院農学生命科学研究科 1-
Mineral (Na, K, P, Ca, Mg, Fe, Cu, Zn, Mn, Se) intake in the residents of Jiangsu Province, China
Trace Nutrients Research 14:7-12(1997)

Mieko Kimura(1),
Masaya Ikegawa(1),
H.J. Chen(1),
Shinichi Nakagawa(1),
Naoki Hatsuda(1),
Yoshinori Itokawa(2)
(1)Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine, Department of Preventive and Social Medicine, Social Medicine
(2)Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine, Department of Preventive and Social Medicine, International Health
Effects of protein intake on intestinal absorption and bone mineral metabolism in growing rats
Trace Nutrients Research 14:13-18(1997)

Toyoko Okuda(1),
Tomomi Maekawa(2)
and Noriko Ogawa(2)
(1)Osaka kyoiku University
(2)Osaka City University
Olfactory Disorders and Calcium Localization
Trace Nutrients Research 14:19-28(1997)

Yasuaki Arakawa Department of Hygiene & Preventive Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences, The University of Shizuoka 19-
Effect of Ouabain on the Behavior of 28Mg in the Mice Myocardium
Trace Nutrients Research 14:29-32(1997)

Tatsuo Ido(1),
Ren Iwata(1)
and Mieko Kawamura(2)
(1)Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry, Cyclotron and Radioisotope Center, Tohoku University
(2)Department of Applied Biochemistry, Faculty of Agriculture, Tohoku University
Effect of dietary magnesium deficiency in the rat -Histological and ultrastructural examination-
Trace Nutrients Research 14:33-38(1997)

Takako Ikeda(1),
Takayoshi Imazawa(1,2)
and Shuichi Kimura(1)
(1)Showa Women's University
(2)National Institute of Health Sciences
Cili Extract Prevents Bone Loss in an Ovariectomized Rat Model of Osteoporosis
Trace Nutrients Research 14:39-44(1997)

Yoko Kitade,
Tomoya Yamada,
Tohru Matsui
and Hideo Yano
Division of Applied Bioscience, Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University 39-
Determination of Heavy Metal Ions Using Glutathion (GSH) Fixation
Trace Nutrients Research 14:45-50(1997)

Eiko Hatakeyama,
Hiroshi Meguro
Laboratory of Food Hygiene, Tohoku Fukushi University 45-
Effects of Serum Calcium, Iron and a Bone Metabolic Marker on Broadband Ultrasound Attenuation (BUA), and Speed of Sound (SOS) of os calcis of the Female College Students
Trace Nutrients Research 14:51-58(1997)

Nobuko Hagiwara(1),
Tatsuki Inoue(1),
Eiko Kitamura(1)
and Hideo Koishi(2)
(1)Department of Health Science & Physical Education, Notre Dame Women's College
(2)Honoral Professor of Osaka City University
10 Zinc and its action
Trace Nutrients Research 14:59-64(1997)

Hiroyuki Yanagisawa,
Makoto Nodera
and Osamu Wada
Department of Hygiene & Preventive Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Saitama Medical School 59-
11 Insulin-mimetic effects of vanadyl complexes and distribution of total vanadium in STZ-rats treated with vanadyl complexes
Trace Nutrients Research 14:65-72(1997)

Yae Fujisawa,
Seiki Fujimoto
and Hiromu Sakurai
Department of Analytical and Bioinorganic Chemistry, Kyoto Pharmaceutical University 65-
12 Reaction of NO (nitric oxide) and Copper-Metallothionein in the liver of LEC rats
Trace Nutrients Research 14:73-78(1997)

Mayumi Okita,
Akihiro Tsuji
and Hiromu Sakurai
Department of Analytical and Bioinorganic Chemistry, Kyoto Pharmaceutical University 73
13 Cytotoxicity of Inorganic and Methylated Arsenic Compounds
Trace Nutrients Research 14:73-78(1997)

Teruaki Sakurai,
Toshikazu Kaise
and Chiyo Matsubara
Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry, School of Life Science, Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Science 79-
14 Comparative studies for unit chain distributions of different glycogens and evidence of multiple branchings of oyster glycogen.
Trace Nutrients Research 14:85-94(1997)

Motoko Matsui(1),
Mariko Kakuta(2)
and Akira Misaki(3)
Ichimura Gakuin Junior College(s2)Konan Women's University(3)Osaka City University 85-
15 Participation of minerals in various functionalized aqueous solution or "Function Water", in exertion of detoxification effect on organotin intoxidated Euglea gracilis
Trace Nutrients Research 14:95-102(1997)

Mari Ohta(1),
Kaoru Nakamura(2),
Kozo Takama(1)
and Tetsuya Suzuki(1)
(1)Laboratory of Food Wholesomeness, Department of Marine Bioresources Chemistry, Faculty of Fisheries, Hokkaido University
(2)Institute of Chemical Research, Kyoto University
16 Effect of oyster extracts on the recovery of cell motility of TBTCl-intoxicated Euglena gracilis Z
Trace Nutrients Research 14:103-112(1997)

Tetsuya Suzuki(1),
Mari ohta(1),
Kaoru Nakamura(2),
and Kozo Takama(1)
(1)Laboratory of Food Wholesomeness, Department,of Marine Bioresoueces Chemistry, Faculty of Fisheres, Hokkaido University
(2)Institute of Chemical Research, Kyoto University
17 Studies on Interaction of Minerals in Intestinal Epithelial Cells by Using The Metal Stress Response as An Marker
Trace Nutrients Research 14:113-118(1997)

Chieko Uno,
Yukiko Nakanishi,
Sakiyo Koseki (Yamaoka)
and Kyoden Yasumoto
Research Institute for Food Science Kyoto University 131-
18 Crassostera gigas extract (JCOE) による胃粘膜上皮細胞保護作用と細胞内グルタチオンの役割
Trace Nutrients Research 14:119-122(1997)

朴 義男,
京都府立医科大学第一内科 119-
19 Effect of Oyster Extract on Guinea-Pig Papillary Muscle
Trace Nutrients Research 14:123-128(1997)

Michio Yajima(1),
Yoshikazu Matsuda(2),
Masahiro Nakatsuka(2),
Takao Ohta(2)
(1)Dept. of Pharmacology, Aichi Medical University
(2)Central Research Institute, Japan Clinic Co., Ltd.
20 Mechanism of Antioxidant Action of Flavonoids and Polyphenolics
Trace Nutrients Research 14:129-136(1997)

Keiko Murakami(1),
Yoshikazu Matsuda(2),
Masahiro Nakatsuka(2)
and Masataka Yoshino(1)
(1)Department of Biochemistry, Aichi Medical University
(2)Central Laboratory, Japan Clinic Co., Ltd.
21 Importance of Kynureninase
Trace Nutrients Research 14:137-142(1997)

Yukio Shibata(1),
Masahiro Nakatsuka(1),
Takao Ohta(1),
Yoshikazu Masuda(1),
Tomoyuki Shindo(1),
Eiko Takaya(1),
Hiroshi Ishizu(2),
Taizo Yamada(3),
Sukehisa Ishizu
(1)Japan Clinic Co., Ltd., Central Research Institute
(2)Ueki Hospital
(3)Tamai Orthopedics and Internal Medicine hospital(4)Akura Hospital
22 Introduction of Apoptosis of HL60 Cells by Gallic Acid Derivatives
Trace Nutrients Research 14:143-148(1997)

Ryoko Tsubouchi,
Miyako Haneda,
Keiko Murakami
and Masataka Yoshino
Department of Biochemistry, Aichi Medical University School of Medicine, Nagakute,Aichi 480-1195,Japan 143-
23 Absorption in the Body of Inclusion Complex of γ-Cyclodexytrin with Octacosanol after Oral Administration in Mice
Trace Nutrients Research 14:149-154(1997)

Mieko Kawamura(1),
Tatsuo Ido(2),
Tadashi Funada(3),
Itaru Miyamoto(3)
and Tatsuya Sugawara(3)
(1)Department of Applied Biochemistry
(2)Cyclotron and Radioisotope Center, Tohoku University
(3)Nippon Oil and Fats Co., Ltd.
24 Effect of dietary level of phytic acid on lipid metabolism in rats fed on sucrose.
Trace Nutrients Research 14:155-160(1997)

Shoko Onomi,
Tetsuyuki Katayama
Laboratory of Nutritional Science, Faculty of Education, Hiroshima University 155-
25 Effect of strenuous exercise on blood constituent U
Trace Nutrients Research 14:161-166(1997)

Kenji Fukunaga,
Munehiro Yoshida,
Toshiko Ono
and Naoki Nakazono
Department of Public Health Kansai Medical University 161-
26 Acidic fibroblast growth factor activates hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenocortical axis
Trace Nutrients Research 14:167-170(1997)

Kazuo Sasaki(1),
Itsuro Matsumoto(2),
Yutaka Ohmura(3)
and Akira Niijima(4)
(1)Fac. of Eng., Toyama Univ.
(2)Fac. of Med., Nagasaki Univ.
(3)Inst. of Bio-Active Sci., Nippon Zoki Pharmaceu. Co.
(4)Fac. of Med., Niigata Univ.
27 Biotin Content in Kampo Medicines for Skin Disease
Trace Nutrients Research 14:171-176(1997)

Toru Fukui(1)
and Toshiaki Watanabe(2)
(1)Clinical Laboratory, Byotai-Seiri Laboratory
(2)Department of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine, Yamagata University School of Medicine

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