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Proceedings The First Symposium on Trace Nutrients Research(1984)

NO Theme Reporter Position ‚o
‚PIncidence of trace element disorders in livestock in reration to soil-plant-animal interaction in JapanTrace Nutrients Research 1F1-12(1984) Ryoji Kawashima Department of Animal Science,Faculty of Agriculture,Kyoto University 1-
‚QBilchemical Approach to Lipid of Oyster Meat ExtractTrace Nutrients Research 1F13-18(1984) Fumio Kurihara and Eriko Tamiya Laboratory of Food,Musashino Women's University 13-
‚RThe Effect of Oyster's Extract on the Metabolism of Tryptophan and the Content of Lithimum in the BrainTrace Nutrients Research 1F19-25(1984) Ryoko Yokomine,Hidetsugu Otsuka,Yukio Shibata,Yazo Kotake,Shigeo Okumura Department of Biochemistry,Aichi Medical University 19-
‚SElucidation of the Fine Structure of Oyster GlycogenTrace Nutrients Research 1F27-36(1984) Akira Misaki(1),Midori Tsunoda(2) (1)Faculty of Science of Living,Osaka City University
(2)Japanclinic Co., Ltd
‚TEffects of Oyster Extract Pills on Basal MetabolismTrace Nutrients Research 1F37-45(1984) Junko Arie,Naruhiko Nagao,Yoshio Sawada Department of Cytogenetics,Institute for Medical Genetics,Kumamoto University Medical School
‚U Effects of Oyster Extract Pills on Serum Taurine ConcentrationTrace Nutrients Research 1F47-56(1984) Naruhiko Nagao(1),Isao Shomura(1),
Yoshio Sawada(1),Jiro Teramoto(2)
(1)Department of Cytogenetics,Institure for Medical Genetics,Kumamoto University Medical School
(2)National Sanatoria,Saishunso
‚VThe Regurality on the Contents of Minor and Trace Elements in SeaweedsTrace Nutrients Research 1F57-63(1984) Toshio Yamamoto,Hiroko Tabata Department of Chemistry,Kyoto University of Education 57-
‚WSulfur amino acids metabolism in iron-deficient ratsTrace Nutrients Research 1F65-69(1984) Yu Hosokawa,Hitomi Tojo,Shiro Niizeki,Ikuo Sato,Kenji Yamaguchi Division of Maternal and Child Nutrition,National Institute of Nutrition 65-
‚XA survey study on mineral intake of JapaneseTrace Nutrients Research 1F82(1984) Mieko Kimura,Kiyohisa Nagai,Tsunoru Yasunaga,Satoshi Natsuyama,Isshu Kimura,Masaru Morikawa,Yoshinori Itokawa Department of Hygiene,Faculty of Medicine,Kyoto University 71-
10 Effect of Rations on Trace Elements Consentration in the Body of Dairy CattleTrace Nutrients Research 1F83-88(1984) Shinichi Kume Kyusyu National Agricultural Experiment Station 83-
11 The Postnatal changes of trace nutirents in human milkTrace Nutrients Research 1F89-94(1984) Ikuo Sato,Shiro Niizeki,Yu Hosokawa,Hitomi Tojo,Kenji Yamaguchi Division of Maternal and Child Nutirion,National Institute of Nutrition 89-
12 Total Parenteral Nutrition and Micronutrients@\ZINC\Trace Nutrients Research 1F95-97(1984) Akira Okada Osaka University Medical School 95-
13 Variation of Glutathione Level and Synthesis Activity in Chick Liver by Selenium and Vitamin E DeficienciesTrace Nutrients Research 1F99-104(1984) Kyoden Yasumoto Research Institute for Food Science,Kyoto University 99-
14 Selenocysteine synthesis in mammalsTrace Nutrients Research 1F105-109(1984) Kenji Soda,Takeshi Nakamura,Nobuyoshi Esaki,Hidehiko Tanaka Institute for Chemical Reseach,Kyoto University 105-
15 An Enzyme Participating in Bacterial Selenocysteine MetabolismTrace Nutrients Research 1F111-115(1984) Patrick Chocat,Takeshi Nakamura,Nobuyoshi Esaki,Hidehiko Tanaka,Kenji Soda Institute for Chemical Research,Kyoto University 111-
16 Determination of selenium in biological samples by hydrogen selenide evolution electrothermal atomic absorption methodTrace Nutrients Research 1F117-123(1984) Kenji Sekine,Mieko Kimura,Yoshinori Itokawa Department of Hygine,Faculty of Medicine,Kyoto University 117-
17 Comparison of Selenium Content in Human Hair from Different Individuals,by Activation AnalysisTrace Nutrients Research 1F125-131(1984) Yukiko Ohta,Michi Matsumoto,Atsuhiro Nakano National Institute for Environmental Studies 125-
18 Selenium Status of Grazing Cows and Improvement Following Administration of Ruminal Selenium PelletTrace Nutrients Research 1F133-139(1984) Naohiko Ishida,Ryoji Kawashima Department of Animal Science,Faculty of Agriculture,Kyoto University 133-

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